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commission guidelines

These guidelines are subject to change.

- Please send high quality photos for portrait work. Otherwise, discuss with me any imaginative concepts you want in your painting.

- Please make sure the photos you provide are high quality and well lit! I can not deliver my best work when using pixelated or poorly lit photos and will have to turn down your commission.

- A painting can take between 3-7 days. Turnaround time depends on how many commissions are currently booked. Contact me to get an estimate or to discuss your deadline in mind. Spots are secured for those who have made an upfront payment.

- Price is decided on a case-by-case basis. As a guideline, the price for a shoulder-up portrait of one person costs $165 USD minimum. Animals start at $120 USD minimum. Cost increases when adding subjects, amount of body and other elements. Payment will be taken care of through an invoice I send you via e-mail. You will be able to pay it with debit, credit, your bank or PayPal balance.

- You have the option to either pay in full before I begin your commission or to pay 50% upfront and 50% after. All payments made are nonrefundable.

- All my artwork is made digitally. I do not provide the prints. You will be e-mailed your completed artwork in a file that is ready to be printed (your chosen dimensions, 300dpi) in whatever fashion you please.

- I reserve the rights to the artwork. Any artwork I make for clients may be displayed on my website and other online portfolios. The client may only use the artwork for non-commercial use unless otherwise discussed. I will consider requests to hold off on displaying the artwork online until a certain date if the commission is a surprise or a gift!

- The process video of your artwork is also available to purchase for $15. It will be sped up to approximately 3 minutes. I will edit the video and add music. I can upload this to my YouTube channel and/or just e-mail you the video file privately. The video is for your personal enjoyment but you may not upload the video anywhere.

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